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Staff Application Format

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by ItsBoring, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. ItsBoring

    ItsBoring Guest

    Staff Application Information
    Failing to have the correct requirements will result in an instant denial.


    You will need the following requirements in order for your application to be Accepted!​

    • You must be 14 or older (We will accept younger ages if professional enough)​
    • You must NOT currently be staff on any other server​
    • You must have Skype & Discord​
    • You must be active with the community (In-game & forums)​
    • You must know how to tell if a player is using a hacked client​
    • You must contain the fundamentals of professionalism, teamwork, and dedication​
    If you do not have all the requirements, please do not waste our time by making an application!

    Important Information

    You must wait 30 days before reapplying if you were demoted
    You must wait 14 days before reapplying if you were denied
    You must wait 30 days before reapplying if you resigned (Exceptions can be made)
    If you ask an Admin to review your application it will result in an instant denial
    If you ask for upvotes in-game it will result in an instant denial
    Do NOT use the same application that you used somewhere else

    By applying for the position you are agreeing to the following:
    • You are not to request any staff members to view your application​
    • You may not leak any information from any Skype staff chat/discord​
    • You are still to follow every rule that the server contains​
    • You are not to abuse any of your moderator abilities​
    • You are not to delete any messages from chat​
    • You may not provide any false information about your wrong-doings to any staff member​
    • Must not ignore players if their questions/requests are reasonable.​
    • Breaking any of the rules can lead to demotion and denial of access to the servers​
    • We may edit the terms and agreement at any time​

    The Format

    If you do not follow the correct format your application will be automatically Denied!

    Name(First ONLY):
    In-game name:
    Name MC Link (
    Can you record?:
    How long have you been playing on the server?:
    How many hours a day do you spend on the server?:
    Do you have any previous staff experience?(Explain if Yes + give server examples not IPS):
    Why do you want to become a staff member?(Be descriptive):
    What are your intentions when you become staff?:
    What separates you from other applicants?:
    If You Were In A Situation That You Are Not Suited To Handle, What Would You Do?
    Name 3 things you know about the server (The more detailed the better)
    Tell us a little bit about yourself:

    How would you respond to witnessing another helper abusing a bug & encouraging his faction to do so.​

    A player you strongly dislike begins to insult you in game and other players, they are out of control. What do you do?​

    A whole faction begins to spam chat and insult other factions and yourself. What do you do?

    The Process

    The administration team will be reviewing applications every few days, and will be reviewing your in-game and forums actions.
    If your application is accepted, you will be
    given a trial position, this trial position will last 2 weeks, and will be to test you on how you deal with
    things as a staff member. If you pass you will keep your position and if not you will be demoted. ​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.