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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Dec 24, 2017
    Hello! I am TTSP and I am offering you a warm welcome to Z-Nation's alpha testing! We are a brand new, upcoming, small Zombies server. We plan to expand and add more ranks and features, as the server progresses. We need your help! The more players we have, the more we feel motivated to provide more towards the users, in order to prevent boredom and provide fresh experiences for the players. Any suggestions are appreciated, the more votes it gets, the higher chance it has to be implemented - it must be reasonable. We recommend using a poll! Please take the time to go in game and /vote, it helps us gain more players and gives you vote crate keys, giving you the chance to win epic loot. We are currently looking for staff, also. Feel free to apply via the forums; after applying, please do not message a staff member and ask whether you were accepted or not, you'll be notified on whether you were denied or accepted. If you require help, feel free to ask a staff member, particularly a helper. We hope you enjoy your stay at Z-Nation and hope you are a recurring player! Here is a list of what we currently offer:
    • Custom enchantments
    • Guns and a custom texture pack for them
    • Rank up and gain more perks
    • Balanced economy
    • Guilds
    • Different tiers of Zombies
    • Care packages
    • Gambling
    • /baltop
    • Diseases
    • and more!
    We will constantly be updating, we also have an update in store for you, we estimate that we'll be able to present this epic update, sometime this week! Currently, we do not have a donation shop set up. Any suggestions on what to add to the shop, or, donator ranks would be appreciated. We will reward you appropriately, with in game goods. Thank you for reading and potentially playing; we hope you have an amazing time! Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask either me(TTSP in game), or, any of our amazing staff!
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